Mistakes That I Learned From #

a non-exhaustive list of mistakes i made and learned from to remind myself, also i will be updating it In Sha’ Allah.

Being book smart is better than experience - Nov, 2022

In mid of 2022 i planned to up my game in the devOps side, i started reading books on go and watching tutorials thinking i understood fast forward 2 months later i had a friend who asked me to help him deploy a pocketbase project on a server of his. I was clueless to say the least LMAO so anyway i realized that i need to get my hands dirty to really understand how things work.

I am a better follower than a leader - May, 2020

This one’s backstory is a tad bit too private and long to be shared.

Standing still ≠ regressing - Feb, 2021

Wrapped up a RN project successfully submitted it to the client, and i had a almost a month of gap since the next project was delayed i took that time to do some very serious PROCRASTINATION, knowing that i don’t consider dev work, work but something i enjoy doing being a couch potato and not doing anything productive was a mistake.

Everyone is excited about this like i am - Apr, 2021

Multitasking is good - Apr, 2023